Working holiday visa for Canada (International Experience Canada 2023)

Working holiday visa for Canada (International Experience Canada 2023)

Each year, thousands of young people who wish to work abroad apply for the Working Holiday Visa, which enables them to temporarily live and work in Canada while touring the country in their leisure time. You will find all the details you want right here to make sure your application for a working holiday visa to Canada is successful. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to prepare and submit your application properly and how to finish an application even if you don’t initially meet all the criteria.

Your life’s direction might be changed by a working holiday. Living, working, and traveling abroad may expose you to a wide range of life experiences. You may learn about several diverse cultures, surroundings, and people from all walks of life by going on a working vacation. This may help you learn new business strategies, travel abroad, and improve your language abilities.

What Is the Process for a Working Holiday Visa?

With 35 nations, the IEC has a youth mobility agreement. This enables nationals of the nations to enter Canada with an active work permit. A Canada open work visa allows foreign employees to work for any Canadian company they want for a certain amount of time.

The target demographic for this visa program is young persons who:

I haven’t decided on a career path yet; I haven’t received a job offer from Canada; I would want to work for more than one Canadian business; I would like to be able to travel around Canada while working; I would like to support my travels with the money I make in my vacation destination.

How to Apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada

The IEC Working Holiday Visa application process is very easy to do online via the Canadian government website from any place.

the Come to Canada Questionnaire should be completed.

On the website of the Canadian government, you should fill out the Come to Canada Questionnaire. Basic inquiries like your are asked of you in this form.

age, nationality, and language prowess
family members’ background, education, and enrollment (if applicable)
Work history, earnings, or net worth information on any job offers

You will get suggestions for the programs and processes that are ideal for you based on your answers to these questions. A special reference number will be sent to you when you complete the form (it will look like this: JM1234567890). Once submitted, your profile will be added to the IEC pool of your choosing. If your profile is acceptable, the Canadian government will send you an invitation to apply.

You will get an invitation to apply (ITA)

The Canadian government will contact you through your account to let you know whether you have been chosen to apply for the IEC. The next step will then be explained to you. Following then, you have 10 days to accept the invitation. As soon as you accept the offer, you need to apply for a work visa.

Request a work permit

In order to get a work visa, you must:

Describe your educational background, prior job experience, and background. Provide evidence that the information you provided in your IEC profile is accurate.
Provide additional supporting documentation as required.

Here is the documentation:

Police clearances
diagnostic tests
Curriculum vitae (CV) Passport Digital picture Family information
Visitor visas or eTA
evidence of financial assistance
health protection


In addition, the following list of commonly asked questions relates to the Canadian Working Holiday Visa.

Can you stay in Canada after your Working Holiday Visa expires?

When your working vacation is ended, you do indeed continue to reside in Canada.

Is the IEC now open?

There are on- and off-seasons in the IEC. The season often starts in March, however it varies greatly depending on where you are from.
What kind of jobs are offered during a working holiday?

You have a variety of options for what you can do during your IEC working vacation.

In conclusion, choosing to travel and work in Canada via a working vacation is not just more possible than ever since there are so many wonderful possibilities. However, it could also provide you access to a wealth of knowledge that is not accessible elsewhere.