How to get a visa for dubai

How to get a visa for dubai


You will need a tourist visa that is valid for a certain amount of time in order to visit a well-known vacation spot like Dubai. By providing your essential travel papers and information, you may receive a Dubai visa in the form of an electronic authorisation (E-Visa). We have made applying for a Dubai visa simpler for you.

Nigerian people may easily get a Dubai visa using Oversac. Starting at Rs. 180, 000, you may apply for a Dubai travel visa and get one in only 4 working days.

Dubai visa categories

Your stay’s purpose and length will determine how to apply for a visa to Dubai. Based on their length of validity and kind of admission, Dubai visas might be 96 hours, 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days. The cost of your Dubai visa will also vary depending on the category you choose.


visa costs

Visa for transit: 150,000

200 000 for a 14-day tourist visa

30 day tourist visa: 250,000.

270, 000 for a 60-day tourist visa

Visa Application Process for Dubai

There are just four easy steps. Pay the visa costs online using our secure payment channel, then upload your supporting documentation. After we’ve verified everything, we’ll complete your visa application and send your Dubai visa to you.

Visa for Dubai Express

recent travel arrangements? We don’t want you to pass on your preferred Dubai vacation. You may get a visa for Dubai with our expedited service in as little as 24 hours; all you need to do is send us your supporting documentation.

Dubai Offers Visa

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documents needed to apply for a visa to Dubai

first and last pages of your passport, scanned in color

Validity of a passport should be at least six months.

a scanned copy of your passport-size picture in color that was shot on a white backdrop

confirmed return flight itinerary (not mandatory for application)

Additional paperwork is needed to apply for a Dubai transit visa.

Return flight confirmation ticket

a copy of your traveler’s visa for the destination nation

Call our travel specialists at 08061665449 or send an email to for more information.

Visa information for Dubai

Refusal of a Dubai visa:

A visa for Dubai may be obtained easily. You don’t need to fill out any difficult paperwork or wait in a big line. Your application for a visa to Dubai might, however, be denied for a few reasons that you shouldn’t overlook.

Regulations for female travelers needing visas:

When accompanied by a parent, female travelers under the age of 18 are permitted to enter the UAE.

If your UAE visa has expired, what should you do?

Travelers may seek a 30-day visa extension under UAE visa regulations without leaving the Emirate. Only twice may the visa be extended, and that decision rests with the consulate.

Overstaying a visa

You will incur a fee in accordance with immigration law and an additional fine for each each day you overstay in the UAE.

Important guidelines for Dubai visas

Before departing, all visitors to Dubai must get a single-entry UAE visa.

The 60-day validity period of the tourist visa

Once a traveler’s visa has expired, they are unable to extend their stay in Dubai.

If you want to prolong your stay after your visa expires, you must apply for a visa extension.

According to immigration legislation, you must fulfill the conditions and re-enter the UAE in order to renew your visa.

According to immigration legislation, overstay cases in the UAE must face legal consequences.

It could be difficult for travelers with a history of overstaying to get a Dubai visa.


Contact our travel specialists at 08061665449 or 08072048062 to easily get a Dubai visa. Your Dubai visa will arrive in 4-5 working days. To ensure that you have a worry-free trip to Dubai, our travel specialists will provide you with further guidance and create a package that is ideal for you.


How much does a Nigerian visa to Dubai cost?

Visa for Dubai Nigerian people may easily get a Dubai visa using Oversac. Starting at Rs. 180, 000, you may apply for a Dubai travel visa and get one in only 4 working days.

How can I apply online for a visit visa to Dubai?

How to Apply Online for a Dubai Visa

Choose the desired kind of Dubai Visa depending on your trip type.

Make an online payment.

Online document submission using our platform.

Once granted, you’ll get your visa for Dubai.

What is the quickest method to get a visa for Dubai?

DVPC smartphone app to book your visa on-the-go

Passengers on Emirates Airline may complete the whole UAE visa application procedure while traveling thanks to the DVPC app. Depending on your schedule with Emirates Airline, you may use the app to apply for a 30-day tourist visa, a 96-hour transit visa, or a 90-day visit visa.