How to Apply for the Government Scholarship in Romania

How to Apply for the Government Scholarship in Romania

Through the MFA, the Romanian State provides foreign citizens with Romania Government Scholarships until 2023. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees are all eligible for scholarships in Romania. This Fully Funded Scholarship is open to applicants from outside the European Union. You will get a monthly stipend from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well.

There is no application fee to apply for this scholarship program in Romania. Candidates from any academic background are eligible to apply for bachelor’s, graduate, and doctoral scholarships in Romania. Undergraduate students will earn their degrees in three to six years, master’s students in one and a half years, and Ph.D. students in two years. Depending on the length of the courses, a degree may be earned in 3–4 years.

Romania is the seventh most populated member of the European Union and the twelfth biggest nation in Europe. The Latin word Romanus, which means “citizen of Rome,” is whence Romania gets its name. You will get admitted to top-ranked universities in Romania. Below are some details regarding this scholarship:

Nation: Romania
85 scholarships per country, total
Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
Funded financial protection
Deadline: April 30, 2023

Course Subjects Offered

The Scholarship will be available to Study in Romanian Language Only in order to Promote Romanian Language & Culture. Candidates who don’t speak Romanian are given a year to learn the language. The fields that the Romania Scholarship is available in are listed below:

building visual arts
Romanian civilisation, journalism, administrative and political sciences, engineering, social and human sciences, and technical studies, including oil and gas,
veterinary medicine and agricultural sciences.

In the academic disciplines of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, scholarships are NOT given.

Universities List

Check out the list of Romanian universities that offer foreign people scholarships funded by the Romanian government. You simply need to apply directly for the Romanian Government Scholarship; you don’t need to submit additional applications to these universities. Then they will give you a university based on your eligibility.

monetary rewards

Accommodation is provided by the Romanian government in university dorms at no cost to the student.
A 75 EUR per month stipend for master’s studies
65 EUR per month for undergraduate students, 85 EUR per month for doctoral students

Essential Documents

official letter issued by the Romanian embassy in the country of origin or residency or the embassy of the origin country accredited to Bucharest;

the complete and accurate MFA scholarship application form (APPENDIX 1);

For the purpose of issuing a letter of admission to study in Romania, the MER application form (APPENDIX 2)
certified copies of the earned study credentials
into one of the following languages with legalized translation: if necessary, English, French, or Romanian;
birth certificate replica
a duplicate of the passport’s first three pages
The medical report
recent images

eligibility requirements

Must not be a European citizen but must be a foreign citizen.

Holders of Romanian Nationality are also ineligible.

For bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you cannot be older than 35.

For doctoral studies, no longer than 45 years.

How to Use

Before submitting an application, a candidate should inquire at the diplomatic mission. Each diplomatic post sets their own application submission date; nevertheless, it cannot be later than April 30.

To verify the deadline and the application submission process, type “Embassy of Romania in Turkey” or “Embassy of Romania in Pakistan” into Google. See the Sidebar after opening the Embassy link.

For further information and to submit an application for the Romanian Government Scholarship, please visit the website.