Guidelines for Applying for a US Visa

Guidelines for Applying for a US Visa

You may have been wondering how to get a US work visa without paying anything, so you might be shocked to discover that this is possible. A free visa may be obtained in a variety of methods, including intracompany transfers. These transfers take place between parent firms, subsidiaries, and affiliates. In certain scenarios, the employer is required to file a visa petition. Some businesses may also submit a general petition for several moving employees at once. This will hasten the application procedure for visas. If you decide against sticking with the petitioning business, this is still a wonderful choice.

Visas EB-4

There is a cap on the total number of EB-4 work visa applications that may be submitted each year for a certain set of occupations. Process timeframes might be prolonged as a result. The first visa that is processed at the end of the year will be processed the next year since visas are handled in chronological order. The priority date and the date the application was filed influence how soon your application will be handled since a lot of people apply for this kind of visa.

The Form DS-261 must be filled out online by international workers to start the application procedure. You may look up additional information about your case using your case number if you need to use a different computer. Complete all needed fields, then submit the form. You must next get the necessary immunizations and have a physical examination performed by a doctor with a license. Make sure the doctor signs the medical records before you attach them to your other supporting papers. Other documentation could also be requested by the NVC.

The EB-4 visa is subject to several restrictions. The applicant must pay taxes and adhere to US immigration regulations. You may travel both within and outside of the US after you get the visa. The flexibility of EB-4 visas also enables candidates to change occupations and relocate to any state in the US. They have the option of applying for a green card if they decide to do so.

Visas EB-5

With the aid of an EB-5 visa, investors might put money into a brand-new US regional hub or business. The investor must make a $500,000 investment in the new enterprise and provide bank documents or affidavits. They must also show that the investment they make will result in the creation of 10 jobs for Americans over a two-year period. The most crucial criteria for the EB-5 visa application procedure is that a sizable investment be made.

For rich foreigners, an EB-5 visa is an excellent alternative. It allows you the chance to work in the US without an employer, unlike the labor visa. But a large investment is required. For instance, a $500,000 investment must result in the creation of 10 or more American employment. Investors are often urged to put money into regional centers that have received governmental approval, although these initiatives are not presently running.

You have the option to reside and work in the US after making an EB-5 investment. For you to be granted an EB-5 visa, it is not necessary to reside close to the investment company. However, you may need to live close by if you’re making a direct investment in the business. You’ll need to demonstrate that you’re a participant in the company, however.