Fully Funded DAAD University Summer Courses in Germany for 2023

Fully Funded DAAD University Summer Courses in Germany for 2023

All international candidates who desire to take exceptional courses abroad are welcome to apply to DAAD University Summer Courses 2023 in Germany. Fully funded scholarships are available to students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees globally. There are options for all of the major language, regional science, and technical language courses. The applicant won’t be charged an application fee.

Every year, the German government offers several scholarships to non-German students.

One of the top scholarships for free participation in extracurricular activities is this one as well. Only foreign applicants, particularly those from developing nations, may apply for this scholarship. The scholarship that covers all living expenses while in Germany is called the Fully Funded Scholarship. If the student’s preceding education was in the English language, ILETS are not necessary for this scholarship. Only individuals with educational backgrounds other than English are needed to take an English language exam.

A European nation that is both one of the biggest and most economically strong nations in the world is hosting DAAD University summer courses this year. Via this fellowship, German educational institutions provide a broad variety of professional development opportunities through courses and different volunteer activities. Students and professors are encouraged to collaborate internationally and domestically, which encourages global collaborations and social networking. Germany is a wonderful country to visit for free due to its historic and colorful architecture, monuments, castles, palaces, landscapes, woods, and mountains, as well as its delectable cuisine. Don’t pass up this opportunity to study in Germany with a full scholarship.

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Overview of all DAAD University Summer Courses in Germany for 2023:

Award for Program: Fully Funded
Higher Education Institutions, University Name
host nation: Germany
Timeframe: 18 Days
Date of Last Submission: December

Aid for scholarships:

During these summer sessions, the German government covers every expense for the chosen students. These fully financed summer courses will provide the following advantages to international students:

Candidates are given the scholarship once, for €1061.
A minimum of €1,236 in scholarships are available to candidates from disadvantaged nations.
Under the award, tuition and lodging will be covered entirely.
Only few nations allow for the payment of travel expenses.
There is personal, health, and accident insurance available.

Application prerequisites

At the commencement of the program, applicants must be older than 18 years old.
Students from institutions outside of Germany must apply.
Candidates must be master’s or bachelor’s degree holders.
Candidates must be able to follow German-language lectures.
Candidates must have a German language certificate with at least an A2 grade.
Candidates need to have a strong academic history.

Required Documents:

Information on all the paperwork needed to submit an online application for DAAD University Summer Courses in 2023

Below are the lines indicating Germany:

Apply in full, with supporting documentation.
The German version of the CV is formatted as a table.
German-language letter of encouragement.
academic records from the past.
certificate for a language competency exam.
if necessary, documentation of internships.
if necessary, employment certifications.
copies of current passports.

Application Deadline:

Every year, in the month of December, applicants must submit their online applications for DAAD University Summer Courses in Germany in 2023.

How to Fill Out an Online Application

Candidates must sign up on the DAAD website. Candidates must submit their applications online via the DAAD site after registering. Download the application form, then fill it out. Provide all necessary documentation in either English or German. Scan every document and save it as a PDF. upload a PDF file to the site. Give your name, address, date of birth, country, and other personal details. Selection would be based on a letter of recommendation and the highest level of schooling. To submit an online application for the “DAAD University Summer Courses 2023 in Germany,” go to the official website.

How to Use

The process for applying may vary based on the program. Please read the “Application method” section of the Call for Applications in the Scholarship database to learn more about where and how to apply ( If you have any questions, seek guidance.

Under “Contact and advise,” you may get contact information for people (typically in your neighborhood). The DAAD network’s locations and contact information are listed below.